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Understanding "Préférer" in French

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Mastering the French verb 'préférer' is essential for expressing preferences in French. This guide covers its stem-changing conjugations in the present tense, the use of passé composé for the past tense, and the future tense construction. Learn to avoid common errors and practice effectively with tips for memorization and application in conversation.

Conjugating the French Verb "Préférer"

"Préférer," which translates to "to prefer," is a commonly used French verb that exhibits a stem-changing pattern, diverging from the regular -er verb conjugations. This change involves an accent modification from 'é' to 'è' before the verb endings in certain forms and tenses. A thorough understanding of "préférer" is indispensable for French learners, as it frequently appears in both oral and written communication. Proficiency in conjugating "préférer" across present, past, and future tenses is fundamental to achieving fluency in French and accurately expressing preferences.
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Present Tense Forms of "Préférer"

In the present tense, "préférer" exhibits a stem change in all singular forms and the third person plural form, where 'é' becomes 'è', affecting both spelling and pronunciation. The conjugation is as follows: "je préfère" (I prefer), "tu préfères" (you prefer, singular informal), "il/elle/on préfère" (he/she/one prefers), "nous préférons" (we prefer), "vous préférez" (you prefer, plural or formal), "ils/elles préfèrent" (they prefer). An illustrative sentence is "Je préfère lire des livres plutôt que de regarder la télévision" (I prefer reading books to watching television).

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Préférer stem change pattern

Accent changes from 'é' to 'è' before endings in some forms/tenses.


Importance of mastering préférer

Essential for fluency and expressing preferences in French.


Préférer conjugation proficiency

Requires knowledge across present, past, future tenses.


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